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Billing and insurance

It is important to do the right thing when collecting costs for construction projects done by housing associations. It is a good idea to use the services of companies that specialize in services to housing associations to simplify that work.

When collecting costs for ongoing construction projects, it is important that certain documents are available, such as meeting minutes with the approval of the project in question, a complete invoice from the contractor and/or an approved offer and payment plan. If housing associations do not send the claim for collection through a bank, but want the payment to be made directly into the account of the housing association, a so-called reclaim form must be filled out. It must state the address and ID number of the housing association as well as contact information for the treasurer. You must fill in the reason for the claim as well as the total cost and percentage of Félagsbústaðir in the project and send it along with supporting documents to 

Housing associations have a legal obligation to reimburse owners for VAT on work following construction. To reimburse Félagsbústaðir, we request that a deposit be made to account 527-26-518, id. 510497-2799 and send us a receipt with the housing association's address.

We encourage housing associations to purchase joint home owner insurance (húseigandatrygging) for the housing association that covers all apartments in the building, rather than the residents of each apartment purchasing individual home owner insurance. Homeowner's insurance covers damage related to the building itself and permanent parts that are considered an accessory to the house.

Please note that furniture and all loose items are covered by each individual's home insurance (innbústrygging).

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