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What should I do if I want to get a pet animal?

In general, Félagsbústaðir permits the keeping of pet animals on their property, but this is always subject to the consent of other residents in your apartment building and the building’s housing association. It is necessary to obtain the written consent of 2/3 of the residents in the apartment building before you get a pet animal. 

If you have received permission from other residents in the apartment building, it is necessary to apply for a permit for the pet animal and register with the City of Reykjavík. See more information about pet dog keeping og pet cat keeping.

You must take ensure that your pet does not cause danger, inconvenience, uncleanliness, or disturb the peace of your neighbors. Pet dog owners need to remove excrement from the dog immediately and raise the dog so that he does not bark when he is alone at home. Pet dogs must also not be loose in common areas or areas surrounding the building and must be on a leash when they are coming or going from an apartment.

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