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We ensure the availability of social housing in Reykjavík

All neighborhoods in Reykjavík City have social housing intended for individuals and families with low income as well as housing for senior citizens and people with disabilities.


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How do I rent an apartment from Félagsbústaðir?

1. Application

An applicant who meets certain criteria applies at their center in Reykjavík.

2. Allocation

Applicant is allocated an apartment by an allocation team operated by Reykjavik city's Welfare department.

3. Viewing of an apartment

Applicant views the apartment and decides whether they will accept it.

4. Handover

A lease agreement is signed at the office of Félagsbústaðir at Þönglabakki 4, and the tenant gets the keys to the apartment.

Here are answers to our FAQ

Do I need to notarize my lease?

No, you don't. We are exempt from notarization. You can apply for housing benefits at HMS without having a notarized lease when you rent from Félagsbústaðir.

What does it mean that the rental price is linked to the consumer price index?

Rental prices at Félagsbústaður are index-linked. This means that rent increases or decreases in accordance with changes in the consumer price index.  

Statistics Iceland (Hagstofa) calculates the consumer price index according to international standards. It is a common measure of inflation and changes in household spending in the country.

From whom does Félagsbústaðir collect your personal information?

We collect personal information from you directly and in certain cases personal information is obtained automatically, e.g. when using our website. Félagsbústaðir primarily works with personal information provided by the Reykjavík City Welfare Department, which is responsible for the allocation of Félagsbústaðir's apartments. Félagsbústaðir may also receive information from other sources, e.g. lawyers, police, health institutions and individuals.

How long do we keep personal information about you?

Félagsbústaðir store personal data for as long as necessary according to the laws and regulations that apply to the company's activities, or as long as the company's legitimate interests require and there is a legitimate reason. For example, footage from security cameras is stored for a maximum of 30 days, after which time the footage is automatically deleted unless it is necessary to preserve it in order to establish, maintain and, as the case may be, defend legal claims, especially in a court case.

The company has a delivery obligation based on Act no. 77/2014 on public archives. This means that the company is not allowed to use or dispose of any document that falls under the scope of the law, except with a legal authorization or a special authorization from the National Archives. The data is returned to the City Archives after a certain time has passed according to the rules.

When do Félagsbústaðir share your personal information with third parties and why?

Félagsbústaðir only communicate personal information to third parties where this is required by law or in the case of a service provider being hired by Félagsbústaðir to perform predetermined work. For example, this may be entities that provide information technology and electronic communications services. In certain cases, such parties can be considered to be processing parties, and Félagsbústaðir then enters into a processing agreement with the relevant party in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data.

Félagsbústaðir may also share personal information with third parties when this is necessary to protect the urgent interests of the company, such as in the collection of arrears. 

In the event that the processing party works, incl. hosts, data outside the European Economic Area (EEA area), then Félagsbústaðir ensure that a legitimate basis is in place according to the Act on Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data

Félagsbústaðir advise you that when you access or contact us through our social media pages, the providers of the social media services may be able to access information and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with their privacy statements.

How often is the trash removed from my building?

Here you can access Reykjavík City's garbage collection calendar by district. It contains information on both general waste and recycling bins.

What is a cleaning fee?

If the apartment has not been thoroughly cleaned before it is returned you may incur a cleaning fee of ISK 85.000. The fee is intended to cover the costs incurred for comprehensive cleaning carried out by a professional.

Electronic monitoring of security cameras

Electronic monitoring is carried out with security cameras in and around various residential buildings owned in full by Félagsbústaðir, for security and property protection purposes. The persons who visit monitored residential premises may therefore be recorded on camera. The processing of information collected through video surveillance is based on the legitimate interests of Félagsbústaðir. The authorization for this is in the 6th tl. Paragraph 1 Article 9 in the Act on Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data.

Personal information generated through the use of security cameras will only be used in the event of an incident involving damage of the property or the safety of individuals, e.g. theft, vandalism or accident. Personal information may not be copied or handed over to other parties, except on the basis of a legal authorization, the consent of the registered party or according to the decision of the Persónuvernd in each case. Personally identifiable video recordings are therefore generally not handed over to anyone other than the police, and then in the case of an accident or an alleged criminal act. Video recordings may also be shared for the purpose of Félagsbústadir being able to establish, maintain and, as the case may be, defend legal claims. In cases where footage is used for that purpose, it is permitted, as necessary, to grant access to the footage to the managers, lawyers and insurance company of Félagsbústaðir and other parties, as well as the courts.

Footage created during the use of security cameras is automatically deleted after a maximum of 30 days, unless it is necessary to preserve it in order to establish, maintain and, as the case may be, defend legal claims, in particular in a court case, provided that the law or a court order or the order of a competent authority is available.

How are apartments returned in the event of a tenant's death?

Please notify us by phone of the death as soon as possible and when to expect the apartment to be returned.

There is generally a three-month notice period, but we try our best to be flexible and accommodate relatives when returning apartments in the event of death. Rent is paid for the month that the keys are returned to the office of Félagsbústaðir.

The formal return takes place at our office, where you fill in a return form with the main information, sign and hand over the keys to the apartment. It is important that the apartment is completely emptied and cleaned before it is returned, otherwise the relatives can expect that a claim will be made to the estate for the costs of emptying and cleaning. More information can be found here.

Do I need to choose an electricity supplier?

Yes, you need to choose an electricity supplier. Félagsbústaðir informs you as a new user of electricity in an apartment when you sign the lease. You then have to choose an electricity supplier within 30 days. If this is not done, the utility shuts off the electricity with the inconvenience that follows. However, this does not happen without warning. Selling electricity is considered a competitive product and you can choose between eight parties. On Aurbjargar's website, you can compare costs between these parties as well as get answers to frequently asked questions. Note that the distribution of electricity is in the hands of concessionaires such as Veitur.

Do I need to provide a rental guarantee?

No, you do not need to provide a rental guarantee when you sign a lease with Félagsbústaðir.

Legal basis for processing personal data

Félagsbústaðir process personal data based on the following according to the Act on Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data:

  • on the basis of the consent of individuals, cf. 1. tl. Paragraph 1 Article 9 This applies in particular in relation to the marketing of Félagsbústaðir. In those cases, the company provides the individual with more detailed information about the specific processing of personal data that the consent covers. An individual can at any time withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data, and the processing to which the consent applies is then terminated. However, the withdrawal of consent does not affect the processing of personal data until the withdrawal, cf. Paragraph 3 Article 10 of the Act on Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data
  • to fulfill a contractual obligation, cf. 2. tl. Paragraph 1 Article 9 This permission mainly applies to the processing of personal information for the benefit of the company's business relationship with tenants, e.g. due to a lease on an allocated apartment or due to debt collection where rent is not paid.
  • to fulfill a legal obligation, cf. 3. tl. Paragraph 1 Article 9 This applies in particular in relation to data that are covered by Act no. 77/2014 on public archives
  • To protect the legitimate interests of the company, cf. 6. tl. Paragraph 1 Article 9 This applies in particular to camera surveillance in our offices, in common areas of our apartment buildings and in our service apartments for security purposes, together with the collection of arrears.

Security of personal information and notification of security breaches

Security in the processing of personal information is important to Félagsbústaðir and we have taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures to ensure the protection of your personal information in line with our policy on security, including by installing appropriate access controls.

In the event of a breach of security concerning your personal information, and such a breach is deemed to result in a high risk to your freedom and rights, we will notify you without undue delay. In this sense, a breach of security is considered an event that results in your personal data being lost or destroyed, altered, disclosed, or accessed by unauthorized persons.

For what purpose does Félagsbústaðir process personal data about you?

Félagsbústaðir process personal data mainly for the purpose of:

  • to be able to communicate with individuals who are tenants of the company or are in charge of legal entities that have a business relationship with the company
  • check whether criteria are met before an apartment is allocated
  • to be able to enter into and execute lease agreements, business agreements and other agreements related to the company's daily operations
  • enable the company to provide services and fulfill its contractual obligations
  • collect rent
  • assess the condition of real estate, e.g. in connection with the assessment of maintenance needs
  • fulfill a legal obligation that rests on the company
  • respond to inquiries, suggestions and complaints from individuals
  • market the company's services and products
  • promote and increase transparency in the management of the company
  • look out for the interests of the company and other tenants
  • ensure security and property surveillance, i.a. with security cameras and surveillance systems

When you use our website, we may collect information about your use, i.e. which website you came from, together with the type of browser and operating system you use, the timing and duration of your visit, and which subpages you visit within the Félagsbústaðir website. Here you can find more information about our use of cookies.

What personal information does Félagsbústaðir collect about you?

Félagsbústaðir place an emphasis on processing only the personal information that is necessary in accordance with the purpose behind the collection of the information. Different personal information may be collected depending on whether you are communicating with the company yourself or whether the communication is on behalf of a legal entity. The processing of personal information depends on the nature of the relationship you have with Félagsbústaðir.

Félagsbústaðir process, as applies in each instance, the following personal data in particular:

  • identification and contact information, e.g. name and social security number, address, email and phone number,
  • information about the relationship of individuals with legal entities that have a business relationship with the company, e.g. job title and place of work,
  • communication history, e.g. information from communication channels you choose to use with us, e.g. letters, e-mails, messages via a web interface or other forms of communication,
  • payment and financial information about persons who have a rental or business relationship with the company, e.g. information about bank accounts, VAT numbers and dates of works or payments received and, depending on the circumstances, defaults,
  • technical information, e.g. IP address,
  • digital footprints, e.g. online behavior,
  • footage from security cameras in and around our offices as well as at our rental properties and service apartments for the elderly.

Félagsbústaðir process personal data that is classified as sensitive personal data according to the Personal Data Protection Act, e.g. social and health issues of individuals.

Your rights?

Subject to the conditions detailed in the Act on Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data, you have the right to:

  • get information about what personal data the company has registered about you and their origin, as well as information about how your personal data is processed,
  • get access to and a copy of all the personal information that is processed about you, if the interests of others do not stand in the way, e.g. due to the rights of others which may prevail, or request that they be sent to a third party,
  • get incorrect, misleading or incomplete personal data updated and corrected, as well as blocking their use or deleting them, as per law no. 77/2014 on public archives,
  • object if you wish to restrict or prevent the processing of your personal data,
  • information about whether automatic decision-making is carried out, and the grounds on which such decision-making is based and a review of automatic decision-making,
  • revoke your consent that Félagsbústaðir may collect, record, process or store your personal data, when processing is based on that authorization. Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the legality of processing based on consent until the withdrawal.

If you want to exercise that right, you can send a written request to We will confirm receipt of the request and normally respond within one month of receiving the request. If it is not possible to respond within a month, we will notify you of a delay in processing within the month. No fee is charged when individuals exercise their right in accordance with the above, except in cases where the request is considered excessive or manifestly unreasonable.

You also have the right to file a complaint with Persónuvernd if you see reason to do so. Information about Persónuvernd can be found on their website,

What is a key fee?

A key fee of ISK 15,000 will be charged if you do not return at least one key to all doors i.e. front door, common area, storage, letterbox and garbage room (if applicable).

Who handles the allocation of Félagsbústaðir apartments?

 Reykjavík City Welfare Department decides who will be allocated Félagsbústaðir’s apartments. For further details here.

What do I do if I want to get a transfer to another apartment?

You apply for a transfer at your service centre. All questions about transfers and the waiting time for moving to another apartment should be directed to the City of Reykjavík’s Welfare Department or to your service centre.

If a transfer has been approved and you have been allocated another apartment, a process similar to the one you went through when you were first allocated an apartment takes over. You should call us and request a viewing of the new apartment. If you accept the new apartment, you should book an appointment for signing the rental agreement. When moving, it is important to change your legal domicile as soon as possible, as well as renew applications for housing benefits and special housing support in accordance with the new address. 

Charges apply to transfers between apartments. The fees consist of a one-time fee of ISK 30,000 and a daily fee calculated for each day you still have your previous apartment after signing a contract for a new apartment. 

Who should be contacted for projects carried out by the housing association where Félagsbústaðir are in the minority?

Most often, we follow the majority when it comes to approval for improvements and construction of common areas. If the housing association is responsible for the renovation and construction for each apartment, please send us information about the project description and costs by e-mail before construction begins.

We ask to receive all information concerning planned construction and meeting invitations for housing association by e-mail.

Am I entitled to housing benefits?

Yes, in most cases, our tenants are entitled to housing benefits. Further information about applying for housing benefits and applications can be found on the website of the Housing and Construction Authority.  

Housing benefits are paid directly to Félagsbústaðir, and are deducted from the rent. The same applies to the special housing support provided by the City of Reykjavík’s Welfare Department. 

Individuals who are registered as single and live alone may also be entitled to household allowance (heimilisuppbót), which is paid directly to individuals. It is also permitted to pay household allowance to a pensioner if the spouse stays in an institution for the elderly. See more at here.

How does signing of the lease work?

Félagsbústaðir’s service consultants organise the signing of the lease.

If you have viewed the apartment you were allocated, you can book an appointment for signing Monday to Thursday from 9:00-15:00 and Friday from 9:00-14:00 by telephone at 520-1500.

I am moving, how do I notify Félagsbústaðir?

If you plan to move elsewhere, let us know by email. We will guide you with the next steps and the return the apartment. Remember that you always have to empty the apartment, clean it well and notify Veitur of your move before you return the keys to it to us. See better information here.

Who should you contact concerning bad conduct or violation of house rules?

If you live in a building where there is a violation of house rules, we would like to hear from you. Send us an e-mail, contact us via online chat or call. We will take note of your concerns and react as appropriate. We appreciate being notified.

Who is responsible for and pays for damage to Félagsbústaðir’s apartments?

If you as a tenant or a party connected to you has caused damage, you are responsible and may have to pay repair costs. Damage caused by external factors, such as weather or natural disasters, are the responsibility and cost of Félagsbústaðir.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the area surrounding the buildings?

Félagsbústaðir takes care of grounds and cleaning in common areas in apartment buildings that are fully owned by us. In multi-ownership apartment buildings where Félagsbústadir have individual apartments, the respective housing associations generally is responsible of the grounds and common areas.  

If an apartment comes with a private garden, the tenant himself is responsible for general grounds care, i.e. mowing grass, cleaning beds and trimming trees so that the garden is tidy. The tenant may also have to take care of other communal duties, such as cleaning of common spaces and management of garbage storage, but this depends on the bylaws of each housing association. If this is not done, Félagsbústaðir reserves the right to have this done at the tenant's expense.

Is it permissible to rent to tourists or other parties?

The subletting of Félagsbústaðir’s apartments to tourists or other parties, for a longer or shorter period, in part or in full, is prohibited in accord to the provisions of the leasing agreements and the provisions of the Rental Act. Such subletting is also not in line with the purpose rooted the rental agreements of Félagsbústaðir, where fewer people receive assistance than want and need. In the event of a violation of this ban, the immediate termination of the contract can be expected. 

How often is the apartment painted?

Apartments are usually painted every eight to ten years from the time tenants move in, unless there are other reasons, e.g. damages and more. Félagsbústaðir’s project managers decide if and when to paint. If you think it’s time to paint your apartment, please contact us and we will look into the matter. 

Can tenants make changes to an apartment?

In general, it is not permitted to make any changes to apartments without the permission of Félagsbústaðir. Of course, it is okay to hang pictures and other light objects on the walls.

Do Félagsbústaðir mark parking spaces for each apartment?

In the case of apartment buildings that are fully owned by the company, parking spaces are generally not marked for specific apartments. 

Where Félagsbústaðir owns individual flats, parking spaces are in accord to the decision the housing association in question.

Do Félagsbústaðir provide P-parking spaces and special signs for residents?

Félagsbústaðir try to ensure a sufficient supply of parking spaces based on the number of tenants with P-certificates and also for guests. 

The special designation of a P-place depends on the Welfare Department's assessment of the P-certificate holder's special needs, and a formal application for such must be made to a social worker at the relevant center.

Do Félagsbústaðir provide assistance with transport, waste disposal or other similar things?

No. If you think you have an urgent need or are entitled to financial or other assistance, please contact your social worker.

I received a letter from Motus; what does that mean?

Motus is responsible for collecting overdue rent for Félagsbústaðir.

If payment has not been made on the final date of payment, a collection warning will be sent from our debt collection agency, Motus, 7 days later. A collection warning means additional costs of kr. 944.

If the rent is still unpaid 30 days after the final date of payment, the debt will be transferred to our debt collection agency, Motus, for interim collection. There, the tenant is given 7 days to complete the payment or make an agreement with Motus. If a collection warning is not acted upon, additional collection costs will follow and eventually an eviction process may commence. More information can be found on the Motus website, Do not do nothing. Motus do their best to accommodate the payers and find solutions that contribute to a successful continued residence. 

Who can I talk to about payments?

Contact us by phone, online chat or by e-mail , and we will look into the matter with you.

What should I do if I want to get a pet animal?

In general, Félagsbústaðir permits the keeping of pet animals on their property, but this is always subject to the consent of other residents in your apartment building and the building’s housing association. It is necessary to obtain the written consent of 2/3 of the residents in the apartment building before you get a pet animal. 

If you have received permission from other residents in the apartment building, it is necessary to apply for a permit for the pet animal and register with the City of Reykjavík. See more information about pet dog keeping og pet cat keeping.

You must take ensure that your pet does not cause danger, inconvenience, uncleanliness, or disturb the peace of your neighbors. Pet dog owners need to remove excrement from the dog immediately and raise the dog so that he does not bark when he is alone at home. Pet dogs must also not be loose in common areas or areas surrounding the building and must be on a leash when they are coming or going from an apartment.

What is the process that begins with repeated housing rules violations?

In case of violation of house rules, the tenant receives a written warning. If the tenant repeatedly violates the house rules, this can lead to the revocation of the government decision and the termination of the tenancy agreement, which requires that the apartment be vacated within a certain deadline. If the tenant does not leave the premises voluntarily following a termination, a court ruling and the intervention of the District Commissioner are required to vacate the premises.

What is included in the housing association fee?

In the case where Félagsbústaðir owns individual apartments it‘s the decision of the respected housing association to determine the amount of the housing association fee which are then agreed upon in general meetings each year. In buildings that are fully owned by Félagsbústaðir the housing association dee is determined by last year‘s cost. 

Housing association fees vary from house to house depending on what is included in them. What is often included in the fee is heating, electricity, care of the garden, e.g. mowing and snow removal, garbage collection fees, and recycling. Sometimes cleaning of common areas is included in the fee, but in other cases the residents share the responsibility of cleaning of the common areas themselves.

If you want to know exactly what is included in the housing association fee in your building, please contact us. 

What can I do if I am worried about the state of my apartment?

If you are worried about the state of your apartment we urge you to contact our service desk via chat, e-mail. or phone and book an appointment for an inspection. 

An employee of the property and maintenance department comes to visit you and assesses the maintenance needs of the apartment.

Why did the amount on my invoice change this month?

The rental price of Félagsbústaðir's apartments is index-linked, so rental prices can vary slightly between months.

If there was a significant change in the amount of your invoice, the reason may be a change in the amount of housing benefits from Húsnæðis and Mannvirkjastofnun (HMS) or special housing support. from Reykjavík city. 

Please note that a detailed invoice will appear in your online bank. 

I received a warning; what does that mean?

Warnings are sent to tenants following serious violations of housing rules. When we send a warning, we are in contact with social workers and/or other supporters who are involved with the tenant in question, and we always focus on giving the tenant the opportunity to improve their behavior. In the event of repeated and serious violations of housing rules, it can lead to revocation of government decision, termination of the tenancy agreement and a request may be made for the apartment to be vacated within a specified period. Some cases may lead to eviction. 

If you have received a warning, carefully review its content and take into account what it says. Please contact us if anything is unclear. 

What is a service fee and what is included?

Félagsbústaðir collects service fees for service apartments on behalf of the City of Reykjavík.

These include round-the-clock monitoring, security system, management and office management, as well as cleaning of common areas and lounge facilities. 

See tariff here.

What is a payment fee?

A payment fee (greiðslugjald) ISK 200 is a fee charged due to cost of creating bills in your online bank.

How can I obtain more keys to the apartment?

If the apartment is in a building that Félagsbústaðir owns in full, we ask you to contact us. 

If Félagsbústaðir does not own the building in full, i.e. in the case of a single apartment, the tenant goes to the locksmith themselves and requests the additional keys. 

Tenants bear the cost of extra keys themselves. 

How can I get rid of stuff from the common area in my apartment building?

Caretaking of the common areas of apartment buildings is the joint responsibility of the residents. The house rules say that you should not leave rubbish in the common area, e.g. in the stairwell. It is important that residents help guide each other and work together to keep the common area tidy. If the residents' inquiries have not yielded results and if the situation is very bad, we ask you to report it to us by phone 520-1500 or to email. 

Can I attend house meetings?

You can attend a housing association meeting in your building but note that you do not have the right to vote like other residents and owners of apartments in the building.

Is window cleaning included in the house fund?

No, in general window washing is not included in the housing fund and Félagsbústaðir do usually not provide such cleaning.

What do I do if my toilet is blocked?

If the traditional means of unclogging have not been sufficient, we suggest you contact us and we will look into the matter with you. However, we draw your attention to the fact that most toilet clogs are usage-related, and therefore the cost of unclogging could fall on you.

Is there a common ground for Félagsbústaðir's tenants?

Yes, Blokkin is the Félagsbústaðir tenants’ association. Further information can be found on their Facebook page.

How long do I have to wait for my message to be answered?

We respond to all enquiries and submit them for processing within 24 hours or the next working day. The processing time of enquiries can vary according to their nature, e.g. depending on the nature of the repair request or the complexity of the communication problem in the house in which you live. We assure you that we will process the case as soon as possible and will inform you of the situation as appropriate. 

Do I need to buy insurance if I am a tenant of Félagsbústaðir?

As a tenant, you need to insure your belongings yourself, should you choose to do so. Félagsbústaðir are not liable for any damage to household furniture. The property as such is insured by Félagsbústaðir according to laws to that effect.

Can children over the age of 18 live with the tenant?

Children of tenants who live with them and reach the age of 18 after the allocation may continue to live with the tenant after reaching the age of 18. 

Where can I go if I have a tip about misconduct related to the activities of Félagbústaðir?

Here you can send in a tip to the Internal Audit of Reykjavíkurborg if you have become aware of possible misconduct related to the activities of Félagsbústaðir.

Is it allowed to park cars without license plates in the parking lot of my building?

Shared parking by apartment buildings owned by Félagsbústaðir is only intended for usable cars. If numberless cars, carts or caravans are stored in car parks, Félagsbústaðir may have them removed at the expense of their owner. In such cases, the notice is affixed to the window of a car parked without permission and the owner is given the opportunity to remove the car within the time specified. Otherwise the car is removed at the owner's expense. Vaka ehf. removes the vehicle and the owner pays for the transport according to the price list when he releases the vehicle from Vaka.

If you live in a building that we own fully, you can let us know about cars without license plates in parking areas by calling 520-1500 or via email.

If you live in a single apartment, contact the housing association in the building where you live.

Can Félagsbústaðir assist me in moving to another apartment?

No. If you wish to move to another building owned by Félagsbústaðir, a so-called transfer, you need to contact a consultant at the center in your neighborhood and fill out a transfer application. Your application will then go on the waiting list if you meet the conditions of Reykjavík City's rules for social rental housing. Tenants who are on the waiting list for transfer are regularly assigned to another housing. The waiting time depends on various factors, e.g. needs and status of the tenant, availability of housing, etc.  

What is an apartment transfer fee?

An apartment transfer fee is a fee that is calculated for transfer between apartments. The transfer fee is divided into a one-time fee, ISK 30,000, which is added to the first month's rent and is charged at the signing of the lease agreement and a daily fee, ISK 3,000, for each day that the tenant has the previous apartment until it is returned. The daily fee is calculated from the second day, which means that if the tenant signs a contract for a new apartment on Monday, the tenant can return the apartment on Tuesday without a daily fee, but if he returns on Wednesday, a daily fee of ISK 3,000 is added and the total transfer fee will therefore be ISK 33,000. Tenants have the option of spreading the fee for up to six months.

Is there Tenant Assistance for tenants and landlords?

Yes, here you will find the Tenants' Assistance website, which is run by the Consumers' Association under an agreement with the Ministry of Social Affairs. A lot of information can be found on the website and we encourage tenants to familiarize themselves with it.

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