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If you plan to move, it is important to notify Félagsbústaðir's service desk of your plans and receive information about what needs to be taken into account when returning an apartment.

If you decide to move elsewhere, you must inform Félagbústaðir's service desk of your plans as soon as possible by e-mail, telephone or via online chat. In general, there is a three-month notice period, but we try our best to be flexible and accommodate tenants when returning apartments. Rent is paid for the month in which the keys are returned to our office.

Formal return of apartments takes place at our office, where you fill out a return form with basic information, sign and hand us the keys to the apartment. Before returning the apartment, you need to:

  1. Empty the apartment completely and clean it.
    Félagsbústaðir require the apartment to be cleaned before the keys are returned. Cleaning must include floors being scrubbed, kitchen, bathroom and laundry (if applicable) fittings being cleaned (all cupboards and drawers, baker's oven and fan), showers and bathtubs being cleaned, wardrobes being cleaned and walls being wiped down. You need to sweep the balcony and wipe down the shelves in the storage room (if applicable) and clean the floors. If the apartment has not been thoroughly cleaned before it is returned you may incur a cleaning fee of 85.000 kr. , which will be collected after the apartment has been returned. The fee is intended to cover the costs incurred for comprehensive cleaning carried out by a professional. If things are left in the apartment, the costs of evacuation and disposal are charged to the tenant according to incurred costs.
  2. Report the transfer of the electricity meter to Veitur.
    If you need the number of the electricity meter that belongs to your apartment, you can call Veitur on 516 6000, give your social security number and get the meter number. You can use three ways to notify a move - in all cases, state that Félagsbústaðir owns the apartment and will take over the electricity meter (ID 510497-2799):
  • You can fill out a transfer notification and include a photo of the meter here.
  • You can send a photo of the meter with your address, name and ID number to
  • You can call Veitur’s customer service on 516-6000 and notify them about the transfer.
  1. Return the keys to Félagsbústaðir's office
    All keys received by the tenant upon handover of the apartment must be returned and a return form must be filled in, see below. A key fee of 15,000 kr. will be charged if you do not return at least one key to all doors i.e. front door, common area, storage, letterbox and garbage room (if applicable). 

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