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Tenants themselves carry out minor maintenance of the apartment due to wear and tear. Félagsbústaðir take care of larger maintenance such as window repairs or other ancillary costs of the housing.

As a tenant, you will take care of minor maintenance issues that arise due to wear and tear. This includes replacing light bulbs, filters in kitchen fans, toilet seats, shower heads and hoses, sprinkler and sieves in taps, batteries in smoke detectors and cleaning the curtains and drains. It is important to open windows and ventilate well and clean the apartment regularly to keep the apartment in the best possible condition. If you smoke, we recommend smoking either on the balcony or by the window for the same reasons.

Félagsbústaðir handles all major maintenance of the apartment, e.g. repairs of windows, household appliances that are considered part of the housing, sanitation devices, locks, water taps, electrical connections, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and other things that come with the housing. Where Félagsbústaðir are sole owners of a building, damage caused by external factors, e.g. due to weather and natural disasters is the responsibility of and paid for by Félagsbústaðir. Where Félagsbústaðir are partial owners, damage is handled in collaboration with the housing association in question.

It is possible to negotiate specifically that you will take care of part or all of the maintenance within the apartment that we are otherwise responsible for (e.g. painting), but this is always subject to our written consent. 

If you as a tenant or a party connected to you have caused damage, you are responsible and may have to pay repair costs.  

You can contact our service desk Mondays through Thursdays from 9:00-15:00 and Fridays from 9:00-14:00 by telephone at 520-1550. You can also contact us via chat or via e-mail. Outside office hours, in case of emergency, you can call our emergency number 520-1539.

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