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Invoices for the rent are received monthly in your online banking account. An itemized payment slip appears in electronic documents.

The rent due date is the 1st of each month and the final date of payment is the second working day of each month. All tenants receive a detailed invoice in their electronic home bank (heimabanki). Please note that invoices are not sent by post.

The invoice shows the amount of each month's rent, housing fund fees and heat and electricity, when applicable. In addition, it shows information about the amount of housing benefits and special housing support that is paid to Félagsbústaðir and is deducted from the rent, if you have applied for it and meet the criteria.

If payment has not been made on the final date of payment, a collection warning will be sent from our debt collection agency, Motus, 7 days later. A collection warning means additional costs of kr. 944.

If the rent is still unpaid 30 days after the final date of payment, the debt will be transferred to our debt collection agency, Motus, for interim collection. There, the tenant is given 7 days to complete the payment or make an agreement with Motus. If a collection warning is not acted upon, additional collection costs will follow and eventually an eviction process may commence. More information can be found on the Motus website, Do not do nothing. Motus do their best to accommodate the payers and find solutions that contribute to a successful continued residence. 

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