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The tariff of Félagsbústaðir is based on clauses in the company's lease agreements and on par.4, art.19 in the law no. 52/2016, on public apartments. The tariff is valid from January 1, 2024.

Apartment transfer fee
Onetime fee: 30.000 kronur
Fee per day: 3.000 kronur

An apartment transfer fee is incurred when tenants are moving between apartments owned by Félagsbústaðir. Apartment transfer fee
is divided into a onetime fee of 30.000 kronur, which is added to the first month of rent
when the tenant signs the lease for the new apartment, and a fee per day, 3.000 kronur, for each day that a tenant still has keys to the old apartment while having signed a lease for the new one.
A fee per day is collected from day two onewards which means that
if a tenant has signed the lease for the new apartment on a Monday he/she/they can return the keys to the old apartment on a Tuesday without any day fees.
If he/she/they return the keys on a Wednesday a fee of 3.000 kronur will be collected and the total fee for the apartment transfer will amount to 33.000 kronur. Tenants can distribute these costs with their rental payment, for up to six months.

Payment fee
Payment fee: 200 kronur
Payment fee is a fee incurred for bank costs
when creating invoices in the bank (heimabanki).

Postage fee
Postage fee: 290 kronur
Félagsbústaðir's invoices are electronic and appear in each tenants home bank.
Should a tenant want to receive the invoice in paper this can be arranged but a postage fee will be collected.

Collection warning
Collection warning: 944 kronur
A collection warning is sent 7 days after final date of payment, if the invoice has not been paid in full.

Fees related to return of apartment
Key fee: 15.000 kronur
At lease one key to all doors i.e. front door, common area, storage, letterbox and garbage room (if applicable) need to be returned.
A key fee is collected if one or more keys are missing.

Cleaning fee: 85.000 kronur
Félagsbústaðir require the apartment to be cleaned before the keys are returned.
Cleaning must include floors being scrubbed, kitchen, bathroom and laundry (if applicable) fittings being cleaned (all cupboards and drawers, baker's oven and fan), showers and bathtubs being cleaned, wardrobes being cleaned and walls being wiped down.
You need to sweep the balcony and wipe down the shelves in the storage room (if applicable) and clean the floors.
If the apartment has not been thoroughly cleaned before it is returned you may incur a cleaning fee of 85.000 kronur,
which will be collected after the apartment has been returned. The fee is intended to cover the costs incurred for comprehensive cleaning carried out by a professional.
If things are left in the apartment, the costs of evacuation and disposal are charged to the tenant
according to the incurred costs.

Safety knobs
Monthly fee for safety knob: 2.200 kronur
Félagsbústaðir arrange safety knobs for tenants in service apartments for the elderly.
The fee is collected together with the housing fund.

Service fee (for the elderly)
On behalf of the City of Reykjavík, Félagbústaðir collect a service fee for serviced apartments for the elderly through rent payments. Included in the service fee is 24-hour security, security system, administrative and office maintenance as well as cleaning of the common area and facilities in the lounge. A service fee is charged monthly. See the tariff of Reykjavíkurborg for more details.

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