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A centralized allocation team in the city of Reykjavík's Welfare department makes the decision of which individuals on the waitlist get allocated an apartment.

It is the Reykjavík City Welfare Department that makes decisions about the allocation of Félagsbústaðir's apartments.

The allocation team at the Welfare Department prioritizes applications and allocates housing according to the City of Reykjavík Regulations on Social Housing. The decision on allocation is based on the professional estimate of social workers and the allocation team as well as the points given based on criteria that are set forth in Reykjavík city's rules on social housing.

The allocation team may temporarily allocate apartments for a shorter period of 6 months if the applicant’s circumstances are such that they need to receive support and assistance from social workers while the rental agreement is in force. If a decision is made to allocate an apartment as temporary housing, a 6-month contract is made, which is then reviewed again after 6 months. Otherwise, social housing rental agreements are commonly made for 3 years and in some cases indefinite. 

Housing allocation meetings happen weekly and if you have been allocated an apartment, you will receive a notification on and from the center you belong to. If you have received an allocation notification contact the Félagsbústaðir service desk at 520-1500, online chat or at e-mail

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