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Is it allowed to park cars without license plates in the parking lot of my building?

Shared parking by apartment buildings owned by Félagsbústaðir is only intended for usable cars. If numberless cars, carts or caravans are stored in car parks, Félagsbústaðir may have them removed at the expense of their owner. In such cases, the notice is affixed to the window of a car parked without permission and the owner is given the opportunity to remove the car within the time specified. Otherwise the car is removed at the owner's expense. Vaka ehf. removes the vehicle and the owner pays for the transport according to the price list when he releases the vehicle from Vaka.

If you live in a building that we own fully, you can let us know about cars without license plates in parking areas by calling 520-1500 or via email.

If you live in a single apartment, contact the housing association in the building where you live.

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