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What do I do if I want to move to another building?

You apply for a transfer at your service centre. All questions about transfers and the waiting time for moving to another apartment should be directed to the City of Reykjavík’s Welfare Department or to your service centre.

If a transfer has been approved and you have been allocated another apartment, a process similar to the one you went through when you were first allocated an apartment takes over. You should call us and request a viewing of the new apartment. If you accept the new apartment, you should book an appointment for signing the rental agreement. When moving, it is important to change your legal domicile as soon as possible, as well as renew applications for housing benefits and special housing support in accordance with the new address. 

Transfers are subject to fees consisting of a one-time kr. 10.000 fee and a daily fee. The daily fee kr. 2.860 is calculated for each day you keep your previous apartment, after signing a leasing agreement for a new apartment. 

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