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Obligations of living in a multi-dwelling apartment building

It is important that residents in apartment buildings, whether they are tenants or owners, show consideration and respect for each other and make sure to follow the house rules of their building.

The board of a housing association decide on rules of conduct, often called house rules, for approval at a house meeting. The house rules cover appropriate conduct in common areas, their use and exploitation, rules of the common laundry room, rules for the use of common parking spaces and rules for keeping dogs and cats. House rules usually prohibit disturbing the peace of sleep in the house between 10 pm to 8 am in the morning. The house rules also specify how the cleaning of the common property and the maintenance of outside areas should be done and what the owners' obligations are in that regard. In general, residents of an apartment building must take special care not to cause discomfort or disturbance to others in the building, and show consideration and respect for each other.

Félagsbústaðir emphasize that tenants are participants in the community of the building they live in and that they know and follow the house rules like other residents. If the residents of the building have chosen to share the cleaning of the common property between themselves, the tenant of Félagsbústaðir must participate in that arrangement. The tenant must also take part in joint cleaning days in the garden and on the grounds, which are often held annually, and it is important that the board of the housing association informs the tenant about this.

If there is a communication problem related to our tenants, we encourage housing associations and neighbors to talk directly with the tenant, but if necessary, you can always discuss the issue with us by phone or email and we will do our best to ensure a successful coexistence.

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